Digital Logistics Solutions

Digital Solutions are the future of efficient, effective and economic logistics solutions. Simple connectivity enhance network synergies.
  • eColoso and its partners have extensive logistics experience. Our collective DNA opens up multiple specialist options for the automation of ecommerce and logistics connectivity. These sectors are covered : freight, handling, warehousing, final-mile delivery, returns, ordering, systems management, operational and all other complexities.
  • API links enables connections to major e-commerce carts, carriers and services for order processing. We provide solutions for printing final mile labels, package tracking, insurance options, e-billing and delivery into network hubs throughout Europe, North & South America, Middle East, Australasia, and all other worldwide locations
  • With a single API to connect with hundreds of collection & delivery channels and online shopping & ordering carts supported by a huge range of service solutions including customs calculators and location finders. Returns booking & handling, payment systems, insurance, cash-on-delivery, claims processing, customer service and much more can all be connected.