Returns Handling and Management

Full visibility via our cloud based returns management platform.
  • eColoso offers local return addresses in Spain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, UAE, UK & USA with additional countries being added all the time.

1. Ask your customer to send their returns back to us.

Your customer can return their item back using any method.

You can ask them to send it back themselves or provide them with a free post shipping label via your label which you can generate using our automated logistics solutions and connectivity.


2. When your items are returned they will be registered on your portal access.

Your returns are usually processed within 1 to 2 working days of arrival.

They will be registered on your portal with the relevant  information  available depending on your chosen service level from Basic through to Graded as well as FBA returns.


3. Your consolidated shipment is prepared

We consolidate your items and prepare a consolidated shipment based on a shipping rule to suit your needs. This can be on a timed weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly or when a box or pallet is full.


4. We ship your goods back to you

When your consolidated shipment is ready  you will be notified by email with the relevant information such as a courier name, tracking reference and a tracking link.

Optional Extras – Resales

You can avoid cross border returns expenses by using our Reseller service. We will hold your returned items in stock and arrange for delivery to an alternative client once you advise us.

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