Pick and Pack Fulfilment

Reception, storage of your stock followed by a pick and pack service and shipment to your customers.

eColoso is a fulfillment service offered from our various hubs in Spain and through our partnership network. Let us receive and store your products, then we will pick, pack your orders and ship to your customers.

Fulfillment Services Overview

Where we offer fulfillment from?

We currently offer fulfillment services from the following countries: Australia, Canada, France,  Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, UK, USA

In Europe we can offer fulfillment from a single country or from multiple countries, whichever best suits your needs.

Who Can use our Fulfillment Services

Any business or individual looking for fulfillment services who meet the following criteria

• Are correctly registered for Tax / VAT in the relevant countries where stock is to be stored and fulfilled from.

• Has completed the account application fully and has paid the account deposit / retainer.


  1. We receive your incoming goods, count, and store them
  2. We Pick & Pack your orders
  3. We Ship your orders using tracked Services
  4. We process any Returns



Our fulfillment software allows you to input or upload your orders, view stock, order statuses and various reports. Data exports and APIs are available.

Please note new software is being introduced in 2020 to support our growing fulfillment operations.


Our fees are tailored to the needs and services you require and we will provide a quote once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements. Apart from the Initial Account set up fee and deposit, the ongoing fees consist of;

  • Monthly Account fee
  • Incoming Processing fee
  • Storage Fee
  • Pick & Pack fee
  • Shipping
  • Return processing fees for any returned items


Our return service is available to retailers using our fulfillment services, no other account fee payable just the processing fees for any returns we receive and process.

The Processes in Detail

Ship Your Goods to us

You arrange shipping of your goods to us as follows:

  • You ship goods to us at your cost in unmixed boxes if possible
  • For box shipments each box must have a barcode to scan (Courier tracking ref is acceptable) which we will record
  • Maximum box dimensions are 70x50x50cm or 80x60x40cm.  Maximum weight 25kg
  • Each of your items must have a barcode

On arrival we will:

  • Scan outer box reference
  • Open box and count or scan all items
  • Enter stock onto your account
  • Report any shortages or damaged items and quarantine them

Order Processing

Your orders can be uploaded by data import or via API (Please ask)
The typical Information required for orders is

  • Customer name, address, Tel number & e mail.
  • Item SKU / barcode
  • Item/s name/s
  • Order number

We Check, Pick, Pack & Ship

  • Orders received by 11am local time are usually shipped same day
  • Orders submitted after that time may be shipped the following working day
  • Orders are packed in packaging specified that will be discussed with you at the start of the agreement
  • Orders are shipped with tracking references entered onto the software
  • Most shipping methods used are 1 to 3 day services

Shipping restrictions

  • EU based stock orders can only be shipped within EU
  • USA based stock orders can only be shipped within USA
  • Canada based stock can only be shipped within Canada
  • Australia based stock can only be shipped within Australia


We will discuss with you at the time of setting up your account the packing required for your orders

Any other packaging required can be supplied by you or we can provide a quote for us to supply

Sales Taxes & VAT

It is your, the retailer’s responsibility, to ensure you are complying with the relevant tax / VAT regulations in the country where the sale is conducted and/or stock is located. We can help get you started by referring you to tax compliance companies to help set you up and manage your tax affairs correctly. Please ask for more information.

Please note many countries are enforcing VAT and tax compliance and in some cases we are duty bound to ensure sellers are correctly registered and imports are recorded and paid for correctly.

How to Get Started

To get a quote please complete our Fulfillment quote form here or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Once we have quoted your fulfillment needs and you want to proceed, the next stages are

1. Fill in our Account Application Form

2. We will send you an invoice for the account set up fee and account deposit / retainer
3. Once paid, we will complete the set-up process and forward details of addresses to send the stock to
4. You send us your stock details file

5. Your portal access will follow shortly after