Multi Country Pick and Pack counters the increased Brexit costs

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Multi Country Pick and Pack counters the increased Brexit costs

We have just moved in to new facilities in Marbella which, added to our partner network, increases our capacity to over 5000m2 of warehouse space allowing us to provide Pick and Pack services to our international clients.

With Brexit fast approaching we are in an advantageous position to be able to offer Pick and Pack in multiple European countries including Spain, Germany, France and UK.

Early notification from UPS suggests that the minimum additional charge for shipments to and from the UK on account of the new requirements will be 5.00€ per shipment. This charge far outweighs the cost of using Pick and Pack facilities in one or more EU countries.

The advantages of using regional Pick and Pack facilities
Faster deliveries
Lower shipping costs
Reduced non-delivery fees
Reduced return fees for clients
In country resales
Consolidated return fees

If you are shipping from the UK or elsewhere outside of the EU use one or more of our regional warehouses in Europe with the advantage of having all your stock controlled by the same software package so you can have constant up to date visibility of your stock. Move stock between the warehouses so you are never run out in any particular location. Likewise if you have clients in the UK beat the new clearance costs by holding your stock in the UK.

In either case use your existing local delivery contracts or compare them with the costs we can provide with our own delivery partners across the EU and UK. We are sure that for all shipments below 7 kg the local shipping costs will be so advantageous that it will pay for the decentralised picking and packing and there will still be savings to be made.

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